Research interests

Open Macroeconomics, International Finance, Macroeconomics


  1. "Choice of foreign exchange intervention and inflation targeting commitment," with Christopher Limnios, Finance Research Letters (2021): 102402.

  2. "Capital controls and foreign exchange market intervention," Journal of International Money and Finance 101 (2020): 102098.

Working papers

  1. "Market liquidity and excess volatility: Theory and experiment," with David Munro, R&R (Journal of Banking & Finance)

  2. "Cost of floating exchange rates: Synthetic control estimation," with Christopher Limnios, R&R (International Journal of Central Banking)

  3. "Revisiting the PPP puzzle: Nominal exchange rate rigidity and region of inaction," with Seongho Song.

  4. "The company you keep: Foreign investors, risk taking, and international contagion," with David Munro.

Work in progress

  1. "Can the Fed's corridor system divorce money from monetary policy?" with Christopher Limnios.

  2. "An index of market-based monetary policy sentiment," with Christopher Limnios.

  3. "Effect of capital controls in small open economy: Regional approach," with Mario Gonzalez.

  4. "Exchange rate determination in the three-country model."

  5. "Identification of de facto exchange regimes using structural breaks in unit-root process," with Amit Sen.

  6. "Do stress tests affect banking sectors?: Synthetic control estimation," with Eric Fischer.

Awards / Grants

  • Jack and Mary Kay Downing Scholarship - Xavier University (2021-2022)

  • Faculty Development Leave - Xavier University (2020)

  • University Summer Fellowships - Xavier University (2019)

  • Summer Research Grants - Department of Economics, Xavier University (2018 and 2019)

  • CBRT 2017 Research Awards (3rd place) - Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (2017)