Research interests

Open Macroeconomics, International Finance, Macroeconomics


  1. "The cost of breaking an exchange rate peg: Synthetic control estimation," with Christopher Limnios, International Journal of Central Banking (forthcoming).

  2. "Choice of foreign exchange intervention and inflation targeting commitment," with Christopher Limnios, Finance Research Letters (2021): 102402.

  3. "Capital controls and foreign exchange market intervention," Journal of International Money and Finance 101 (2020): 102098.

Working papers

  1. "Revisiting the PPP puzzle: Nominal exchange rate rigidity and region of inaction," with Seongho Song, R&R (Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money)

  2. "Market liquidity and excess volatility: Theory and experiment," with David Munro.

  3. "The company you keep: Foreign investors, risk taking, and international contagion," with David Munro.

Work in progress

  1. "The impact of inflation targeting policy: Synthetic control estimation" with Christopher Limnios.

  2. "Can the Fed's corridor system divorce money from monetary policy?" with Christopher Limnios.

  3. "An index of market-based monetary policy sentiment," with Christopher Limnios.

  4. "Effect of capital controls in small open economy: Regional approach," with Mario Gonzalez.

  5. "Exchange rate determination in the three-country model."

  6. "Identification of de facto exchange regimes using structural breaks in unit-root process," with Amit Sen.

  7. "Do stress tests affect banking sectors?: Synthetic control estimation," with Eric Fischer.

Awards / Grants

  • Jack and Mary Kay Downing Scholarship - Xavier University (2021-2022)

  • Faculty Development Leave - Xavier University (2020)

  • University Summer Fellowships - Xavier University (2019)

  • Summer Research Grants - Department of Economics, Xavier University (2018 and 2019)

  • CBRT 2017 Research Awards (3rd place) - Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (2017)